5 good reasons to offer a pure water bar to your teams

Collègues discutant autour d'une table et buvant de l'eau

We spend about a third of our day at work, or half of our waking time. This means that if we don't consume enough of the most essential food for our body, the effects will be felt! Here are 5 benefits of good water for your employees and your company.

It is difficult to drink enough water at work when the only options are tap water with an unpleasant taste and smell or water dispensers of variable quality and unattractive.

With an intelligent bar in a stylish design, you can not only keep track of the quality and quantity of water you drink in real time, but you can also enjoy drinking it.

You'll find that drinking the right amount of water during a workday improves performance in many ways.

1. Increased productivity

Dehydration can cause the brain to malfunction and lead to "brain fog", a state of confusion and fatigue.1

Staying hydrated therefore allows you to function at the maximum of your cognitive abilities, to stay focused longer on the same task and to reason more quickly, while maintaining a feeling of energy2

2. Less stress and risk of burn-out

Stress dehydrates and dehydration stresses. The more water the body lacks, the more cortisol, the stress hormone, is produced, which increases dehydration. It is therefore important to drink to avoid this negative spiral that can lead to burn-out.3

3. Better health

Drinking 2 glasses of water before meals reduces the amount of calories consumed. Water eliminates cravings and improves the metabolism, so it is an essential component in weight loss.2

Good hydration is also synonymous with less absenteeism for medical reasons: water thins the blood and eliminates toxins, waste produced by the body, improving the cardiovascular system and the health of the organs that purify the body (the emunctories: liver, kidneys, lungs, etc.). The entire immune system is positively affected and fights seasonal flu more effectively.1

4. Good mood

A 2015 study showed that drinking water can have a positive impact on the body's hormonal balance and improve mood.4

Good hydration will not only make you less irritable and aggressive, but will also positively influence your less cooperative colleagues by passing on your good vibes.2

5. Reduced waste

Without realising it, we consume an average of 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles every year. Add another 4,000 to 90,000 particles for every person drinking bottled water.5

In addition to being highly polluting, the cumulative effects of these microplastics could have serious consequences for our bodies by releasing endocrine disruptors. These disruptors have a devastating effect on our immune system, growth, sleep and sexuality, among others.6

Consequently, opting for a pure water bar connected to the distribution network will allow you to reduce your impact by avoiding plastic bottles, while improving the health, productivity and mood of your employees. Pure water, with a minimum of toxic residues for maximum pleasure.

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