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14 December 2021
Petite fille regardant un verre d'eau à la loupe

What is pure water?

You pour yourself a glass tap water or from a bottle and add nothing to it. You may think it's pure water. But it's not.
13 December 2021
L'astronaute Christina Koch derrière une bulle d'eau flottante à bord de l'ISS

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis is a system for purifying water with a very fine filtering system that allows practically only water molecules to pass through. To date, it is the only ideal process for effectively purifying your tap water for consumption. It is not a coincidence that NASA is currently using it on board the ISS!
10 December 2021
Enfant qui boit un grand verre d'eau

Is osmosis water too pure?

Mineralisation of water is a controversial topic. Some people claim that minerals are waste products which must be eliminated by the body. Others believe that water with too few minerals causes deficiencies. Let’s have a closer look at the origin of these opposing points of view.
10 December 2021
Main remplissant un verre d'eau au robinet

How to purify tap water and have the best drinking water?

There are several technologies available to reduce the level of dry residues in water to improve its quality, lightness and taste...
9 December 2021
Deux contrôleurs vérifiant la qualité de l'eau

Is tap water good enough to drink 2 litres a day?

Tap water has had a bad reputation for a long time. However, the quality of water in Belgium and many other European countries is good. And yet, this quality is still relative...
8 December 2021
Femme tenant un verre d'eau

Check the quality of your city water

Depending on your country, region and municipality of residence, the water delivered to your home can be very different. This difference can be explained by the particularities of the sources, the quality of the pipes and the treatments carried out by the distributors.
7 December 2021
Femmes trinquant à l'eau

What does pure water taste like?

Are you aware of the taste of different waters? Don't you like the taste of tap water? And… you are not alone! 30% of the population does not consume tap water because of its taste
6 December 2021
Mère donnant un biberon d'eau à son bébé

Water for babies: beware of nitrates!

Nitrates are stable nitrogen molecules, naturally present in the environment, but potentially dangerous, even deadly, when their levels are too high in the body. In infants, too much nitrate can cause blue baby syndrome.
5 December 2021
Employé assis à son bureau avec une allumette grillée à la place de la tête

5 tips to avoid burn-out

The World Health Organisation calls stress the disease of the century. This stress, if chronic, can lead to burn-out syndrome.1 However, this is not inevitable. Whether you are trying to prevent burnout or trying to cure it, there are several techniques to avoid it.
4 December 2021
Déchet de bouteille en plastique dans la mer

The environmental impact of bottled water

Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold around the world. It is an environmental catastrophe that can be solved.
3 December 2021
7 pictogrammes désignant les plastiques recyclables

What do the pictograms on plastics mean?

You have probably already wondered what those pictograms on plastic packaging mean. This is a coding system developed by the Société de l'Industrie du Plastique (SPI) to better recycle plastic waste.
2 December 2021
Collègues discutant autour d'une table et buvant de l'eau

5 good reasons to offer a pure water bar to your teams

We spend about a third of our day at work, or half of our waking time. This means that if we don't consume enough of the most essential food for our body, the effects will be felt! Here are 5 benefits of good water for your employees and your company.
18 November 2021

Natural mineral water, spring water, purified water… What are the differences?

There is not one water, but many. Depending on its source, its treatment, or lack thereof, water has different names. Below, you can find a brief glossary for a better understanding..
17 November 2021

Plastic in our drinking water

According to a 2018 UN report, studies have found plastic particles in 90% of bottled water and 83% of tap water. But is this plastic health threatening?
17 November 2021

Water Wellness Challenge

A fun drinking water challenge for the well-being of the teams of your company and the planet