Water Wellness Challenge

Available from 2025

A corporate challenge for the well-being of your teams and the planet

The"Water Wellness Challenge" is a complete 3-month programme with drinking water as the central theme. By participating, your company can meet several social responsibility goals:

How does it work?

We install a customised pure water bar, including O25Connect technology, in your company

We provide labelled water bottles equipped with RFID chips so everyone can track their water consumption

You define a consumption target and we send a regular report by email, along with factual information about the water

If participants reach the target within the time limit, a pure water fountain will be donated in your name to a school near your company

At the end of the challenge, you can decide to stop it, extend it, or opt to rent or purchase the fountain

Your employees can benefit from attractive discounts on O25Home purifiers with or without your company’s support. This way, also teleworkers can enjoy pure water at home.